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Susan Powell - Bracelets Mini Class - 2019
Art of making Elegant Bracelets

Join us again for our popular mini classes with
Sue Powell! We will be continuing the Chenille
Bracelet by popular demand and adding 2 new
projects. The "I Play A Bangle on TV...."
bracelet has the look of a bangle but has a
clasp for more accurate sizing. Sue is also
offering a Double Spiral bracelet. Two separate
spirals wind gracefully around each other.

Cost includes kit plus written instructions.
Choose your colors, and then just sit down with
Sue for up to 3 hours (give yourself a minimum
of 2 hours). Go home with confidence to finish
your project on your own and with the ability
to make many more for family and friends!

No appointment necessary! Join the fun!

Chenille Bracelet- $40.00
Double Spiral Bracelet- $43.00
"I Play A Bangle on TV...." Bracelet -$43.00

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  • Susan Powell - Ask the Expert!
    No appointments necessary

    Do you have a project that just doesn't seem to
    be working? Or a set of instructions that seem
    impossible to figure out?

    Help is here!
    At our upcoming show we will be offering the
    advice of an expert. Sue Powell will be
    available to help you. Just bring your beads
    and instructions (and beading glasses!) You can
    sit down with Sue for step by step help with
    your project. Sue has been beading for 17 years
    and has expertise in bead weaving, bead
    embroidery, stringing, and basic wirework, and
    has been teaching for more than 15 years.

    Fee: $10.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

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